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A history...

When I was younger, I used to love bunnies. To be able to hold them in your arms is every child's dream. But, those dreams quickly became nightmares. As the years progressed, the nightmares became worse and worse. Why did they happen? Why was I tormented by them? Day I night I lived in fear. Escape, there was none. Running did not help. It was time to face my fears or succumb to them. I chose to face them. A decision which has made me the person I am today. Life is all about choosing paths. And, sometimes we need to choose the path less taken. For it makes all the difference.

The bunny and I looked at each other face to face. His big floppy ears standing straight. A pink nose, a white belly, and a carrot in his hand made him look ready. My knees, though, were shaking. Fear, had once again seeped in and it was hard to shake. The bunny could sense it and prepared to strike. He swung with the carrot and I ducked to the left. It was close, too close. I couldn't dodge all day. He swung again, but this time he grazed my forehead. Blood began to drip down my face and tears formed in my eyes. I looked up and he began to laugh at me. All of a sudden, the fear became anger. And, I lashed out with everything I had. My head of lettuce struck against his belly and, as he fell back, our eyes met. I could sense the fear in his eyes. That same fear I had felt before. He hit the ground hard with only his cottontail to cusion him. I stood above him ready to strike with the lettuce but my heart would not allow it. I would not drop to his level. There was one thing left to do. "I forgive you," I said and then turned to walk away. I will be the better man, I thought. I took a few steps before I felt a sharp pain in my back. The carrot struck and struck hard. Through the pain, I could hear his laughter. And, as I collapsed, he hopped away dropping colored eggs behind him. A reminder, perhaps, to remember this day. To remember the day the bunnies had won.

I woke up a day later as if waking from a dream. I asked myself if what happened was real. Could it possibly be true? I don't know, and perhaps will never know. But, I do know this. The bunnies are out there. Waiting and watching. But, there day will come. It has to. It must. Or, my life has been lived in vain.