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The lights on the Christmas Tree shine brightly in the room. The sound of carolers outside. And, a cup of hot chocolate that could warm a mans soul. But, this man is not in the holiday spirit. Long ago, he lost the only one who ever meant anything to him. And, now all he has is loneliness. Too frightened to leave. Too much pain to risk being hurt again. And, too old to begin again. But, what if things could be different. What if things could be the way they were before.

The man grew up in a small New Jersey town just like most boys. Playing football and video games, watching TV, and thinking about girls every chance he got. Boys will be boys, they say. But things began to change real quickly. When he was 12, he started noticing things. Unusual things, frightening things. But, despite who he told, they just laughed at him and no one ever believed him. So, after a while, he kept it all inside. He watched and listened, everyday from sun up to sun down. And, everyday he believed his eyes were playing tricks on him. Could what he be seeing possibly be true. How could it? It makes no sense. But, he did although no one else could. And, for a while, all was ok.

On his 16th birthday, he received the most unusual gift. There was no card and no name on the box. He asked his mom who it was from but she had no clue, either. So, he opened it with bated breath. But, what he found, shook him to the core. Inside, their lay a single piece of paper wrapped around an old, bloody dagger. He unfolded the paper and began to read:

It has been one thousand years since the last time the world has seen this kind of danger. We are on the verge of apocalypse and all hope lies in you. You have but one chance to stop the uprising. Fail now, and the world is theirs. Use the dagger to kill their leader and the war shall be averted.

You must be asking yourself, why you? Why have you been chosen? You are one of the last of a dying breed. A breed of people who can see their true intentions. You know what I say to be true. For years now, you have been able to see them. To watch them sneak around so cleverly. Oh so cleverly. But, now it is the time to strike. Strike hard, and strike fast. I have included a map that will lead you to their base. Once inside, strike the blow that will save humanity.

Our hope now lies in you. We believe in you.

The man was in disbelief from what he just read. This letter wants him to kill someone. His heart would not allow it, though. He would just ignore the letter and act as if the entire thing was in his imagination. He put the letter back in the box, along with dagger, and hid them under his bed. A mistake he would regret for the rest of his life.

That evening, he was dragged from his bed out into the cold of the night. They carried him back to his layer and proceeded to torture him for hours upon hours until he was left weak and helpless. The techniques they used were so reprehensible that they shall not dear be spoken. Imagine the worst thing possible, and it was 100 times worse.

In the morning, he found himself in bed unable to walk, speak, or even think clearly. He was no longer the man he was. A shell of his former self, scared and alone.

But, even now a second letter is being written to the most unexpected of people.

Dear Mr. Colli...

And so it begins.