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Marking Period Three Project
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DUE DATE EXTENDED   Final Draft April 5.

Third Marking Period Project

In the year 1776 the English Colonies in America began a Revolution that formed a new country, The United States of America.  No single event caused the colonists to revolt against the English rule.  There were many steps that led up to the American Revolution.  We have discussed some of the steps already in class and will discuss the rest in the coming weeks.  This project will help you understand and organize these events in our history.  The following is a list of the events or steps that led us toward revolution.  Whichever steps you choose you must explain the details of the step.  How the step works and any other information you can find out.  You must also describe how these steps upset the colonists and bring them closer to war.

The Steps

Dominion of England Pg. 92                               Tea Act Pg. 140

The Navigation Acts Pg. 94                                 Sons of Liberty Pg. 135

French and Indian War Pg. 125                       Sugar Act Pg. 133

Townshend Acts Pg. 137                                   Stamp Act Pg. 135

Committees of Correspondence Pg. 134         Boston Massacre Pg. 138

Writs of Assistance Pg 137                                   Intolerable Acts Pg. 141

Of the 12 listed steps you must display 5 in your final project.


Option 1 - Comic Book:

            On one page draw a scene demonstrating some aspect of the step toward revolution.  On the facing page write a caption for your picture.  Your caption should take up the entire page.  It should describe what the step is and explain how your picture is depicting that step. 

Option 2 Journal:

            For each step toward revolution write a journal entry that describes how that event affected your life.  Imagine you are an English colonist in the 1770s.  You have a family, a job, and an opinion on what is going on around you.  Be sure to date every entry and provide many details on the step and how it affected the colonists.  Decorate your journal to represent the personality of your colonist

Option 3 Newspaper Articles:

            For each step toward the revolution write a newspaper article that describes the step and how that step effects the colonists.  Remember that the people reading this paper are colonists so keep your audience in mind.  Each article must include at least one of the following: pictures, charts, graphs, quotes from officials, interviews from other colonists, or anything else that you think may have appeared in a newspaper at that time.

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